Frequently Asked Questions

Questions with Answers

How does the Copperly Marketplace work?

Copperly is a comparison site for credit card processing companies. You tell us about your business and pre-screened merchant service providers will make you an offer in real-time. You view the pricing quotes and select the processor that fits your needs.

How much will I save?

The credit card processing comparison tool can save merchants an average of 40% on their credit card processing fees. If you're already accepting credit cards, grab your latest merchant account statement to compare your Copperly Marketplace Quotes to what you're already paying!

What is a request for quotes?

When you enter information about the way your business handles credit card payments into our system, you are creating a request for quotes. Our unique system allows processors hoping to win your business to instantly respond to your request. Processors are incentivized to offer you the lowest markup possible so that you choose them over the other processors… in essence they are competing for your business.

You will be shown the fully disclosed pricing of each processor's offer for you so you can select the one that works best for you.

Privacy is one of our top priorities, so we don’t ask for your name, business name, address, or phone number until after you’ve chosen a processor. We will never sell your information and we will only share it with the processor you choose.

Who are the processors that will be providing my quotes?

We only work with credit card processors who agree to our strict policies and who we have thoroughly vetted. You will see the specific processors vying for your business when you create a request for quotes. Only the most open and trustworthy companies will be allowed to compete for your business in the Copperly Marketplace. Learn more about the Copperly Promise.

How can this be free?

Copperly is paid by the processor you choose if you decide to sign up with them. This allows us to provide our money-saving stress-reducing service for free to businesses like yours.

What happens when I choose a processor?

When you select a quote, you are asking to be introduced to the processor who is offering you that quote. You will then be asked to enter your contact information so the processor can get in touch with you. Copperly makes the introduction by providing your information to the processor and by providing the processor’s contact information to you.

We will never provide your contact information to a processor unless you choose that processor's quote in the Copperly Marketplace and we will never sell your information to a third party.

The processors understand that they must honor the specific markup they quoted you through the Copperly Marketplace. Your chosen processor will provide you with the necessary paperwork clearly stating the rates and fees you were quoted.

Once you are happily accepting cards with the new processor, Copperly will check-in to verify that your quote is still being honored as promised by your processor.

What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

Please see How it Works.

How long does the setup process take?

It only takes a few minutes to create a request for quotes in the Copperly Marketplace. You will instantly be shown quotes from pre-approved processors competing for your business.

Review the quotes and, when you are ready, select the best one for you. If you have questions or need help, please shoot us an email.

Once you select a quote, we will connect you with the processor who will provide the necessary paperwork to you (this can usually be done online!). The paperwork and underwriting typically takes 2-4 days.

Do you sell my information to processors?

Privacy is one of our top priorities, so we don’t ask for your name, business name, address, or phone number until after you’ve chosen a processor with which you are happy.

We will never sell your information. We will only share it with the processor you choose to enable you to take advantage of the low, fully disclosed pricing that you are offered by that processor.

What do your customers say about Copperly?

Here is a testimonial from just one of our many satisfied customers:

“With Copperly, Volacci saved more than 20% off our previous processing provider and the transition was straightforward. We've now connected it with our SaaS payment provider for Automatr and that has allowed us to stay focused on growth.”

- Ben Finklea, Volacci Digital Marketing

Why did you start Copperly?

Copperly was founded by three web development professionals who were tired of seeing our clients pay too much to accept credit cards on their web sites. Typically these clients were either using well-known services with flat fees of 2.9% or 2.75% or they had merchant accounts from their banks charging as much as 7%! We hope that, by providing this service to the masses, we can inform more businesses about their options for accepting credit cards, not only on their web site, but in any manner their business requires. We are on a mission to level the playing field for businesses who are paying too much and who are needlessly locked into unfair contracts with their current processor - our customers can save an average of 40% off their processing fees.

How can I contact you?

We look forward to your emails at

What if I live or work in another country?

At this time, Copperly’s service is only available to businesses within the fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia. Some processors may be unable to provide services to businesses with owners located outside of the USA.

I’m a processor / ISO. How do I join the Copperly Marketplace?

Please email us at Remember that we only allow transparent interchange plus pricing and contracts with no cancellation or hidden fees of any kind. If you're into ripping customers off, we're not interested.